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What sort of links are found here / should be added?

As this directory is new we are still working that out, but in general we see it being useful for:

  1. Links to features on the Geograph Site itself
  2. Features that are new and experimental
  3. Sites that use Geograph Images in some fashion
  4. Sites could be of interest to Geograph Contributors/Visitors

Why create this site?

Traditionally links to interesting features and sites are posted to the Geograph Discussion Forum. But being a forum, interesting links are soon lost in the discussions.

So in May 2010 we decided to create this database of links.

Being a database we can produce pretty listings and/or other interesting features using the data

... but the most important use: To make it easier for visitors to find new and interesting sites and features related to Geograph.

How will this data be used?

At the moment, its just used on this site, to create a few simple lists, but also to produce a full listing.

We will add more browsing/searching tools, as the number of links increases.

We also hope to add a few interesting features like "Site of the Day" and "Leaderboard of the day"

See also the next question for how the Geograph Site(s) may use the data too.

Why is the data Creative Commons Licenced?

Primarlly so that its can be used as wildly as possible. For instance the Geograph website will probably use this data to create 'sitemap' pages, and links to other related pages. By building their links page from a database allows it to be quickly updated. Traditionally the links pages on Geograph are slow to update, and don't keep pace with the development of features.

But also the hope is that others can take this data and do interesting things with it.

So how do I download the data?

Suggestions welcome. We will probably create some periodic dumps, e.g. in csv or xml format. For the moment see a basic list here, but its not complete.

Can I contribute a link?

Absolutely! click "Suggest a Link!" in the right sidebar. You will need to login.

To help build up the most comprehensive list of links possible, anyone can edit the database, using the tools provided on this site.

I've read the details of a link, they are incorrect or incomplete! How do I change it?

Just click "Edit this Entry" on the top right of the page for the link, and change the values in the form directly.

What's your moderation policy?

Any and all spam will be deleted without hesitation. The site moderators decision on what consitutes spam is final.

Repeat offenders will be banned.

I've seen a link and/or details not related to Geograph, what do I do?

Just click "Report as inappropriate" on the entry page. You will need to login or provide your name to do this.

A site moderator will review the entry, and delete or reinstate as appropriate.