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Geograph is a concept and open source code for a online website to create a comprehensive collection of photographs capturing every part of given region.

Currently there are three active projects, shown below - including a photograph from each.

Geograph Britain and Ireland

Today's Photo of the day

NT7276 : Fertile Fields, East Lothian by Adam Ward

Winter cabbages growing not far from Torness Power Station near East Barns in East Lothian. East Barns Lighthouse in the distance under a stunning afternoon autumnal sky.

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Geograph Channel Islands

Random photo (doesn't have a daily photo)

WV7047 : Jersey Round Tower number 5 by Oliver Dixon

One of a string of five towers at the south east corner of Jersey, built from the end of the 18th century. Altogether 31 of these towers were constructed on the island but only 24 remain. Often, erroneously, described as Martello towers.

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Geograph Britain and Ireland, also has a slightly simplified site schools.geograph.org.uk intended for use within Schools.

... and a sub-project just focusing on images in Ireland, www.geograph.ie.

Geograph Germany/Deutschland, also has a German/Deutsch language version at geo.hlipp.de.