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Geograph is a concept and open source code for a online website to create a comprehensive collection of photographs capturing every part of given region.

Currently there are three active projects, shown below - including a photograph from each.

Geograph Britain and Ireland

Today's Photo of the day

NT5422 : Grazing sheep near Minto Kames by Walter Baxter

This was taken on a frosty December morning with the Minto Hills in the background.

Creative Commons License

Geograph Channel Islands

Random photo (doesn't have a daily photo)

WA6008 : Butts at the Eastern end of Longis Bay by John Rostron

In the Trail Guide, this is described as a 'Targets Wall' or 'Rifle Butts' and was constructed in 1860. It was used for rifle practice. The white building at the left on the horizon is Essex Castle.

Creative Commons License

Geograph Britain and Ireland, also has a slightly simplified site schools.geograph.org.uk intended for use within Schools.