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Geograph Coverage Experimental Renderings

Below are links to some experiments with rendering verious maps from the Geograph database. For example rendering maps for specific dates, we can play them as an animation to see the buildup of coverage over time. All these tiles are released under a Creative Commons licence (above) so you are welcome to take the raw images and remix - don't forget to show us the results!
Coverage Maps

Coverage Tiles

Animation GIF : 1.7Mb
Discussion Thread
Coverage Now (live)
Depth Maps

Depth Tiles

Animation GIF : 1.2Mb
Discussion Thread
Coverage Now (live)
"Recent" Maps

Currency Tiles

Interactive Viewer
Discussion Thread
Coverage Now (live)
By Year Taken

Interactive Viewer

Transparent Tiles
Discussion Thread

QuikGrid Screenshot
Discussion Thread
· Experiments with styles of Depth Maps (Thread)
· Visualizing depth of Groups (Thread)
· Visualizing locations of Searches run (Thread)
also Thread about 2008 specific animations
The 'thread' links are to the original discussion forum
thread that discussed the particular map set.
Please provide feedback in the relevent thread!

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