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Welcome to the Geograph Worldwide Homepage

Geograph is a concept and open source code for a online website to create a comprehensive collection of photographs capturing every part of given region.

Currently there are three active projects, shown below - including a photograph from each.

Geograph Britain and Ireland

Today's Photo of the day

NY3005 : Lingmoor Tarn by Ian Taylor

Frozen, but not solid, with a distant view of Bowfell.

Creative Commons License

Geograph Germany

Today's Photo of the day

UPV6268 : Schleuse 52 des Ludwigskanals by Siegmar Schmidt

Insgesamt 100 fast baugleiche Schleusen gab es am 172 km langen alten Ludwigskanal. Die Hubhöhe bewegt sich dabei zwischen 2,30-3,20m.

Creative Commons License

Geograph Channel Islands

Random photo (doesn't have a daily photo)

WV4574 : Grand Greve, Sark: the cliff and stairway by John Rostron

This is not the clearest of photos, but it does show the last part of the steps down to the beach from La Coupee. The final stage of the main stairway has collapsed and has been replaced by newer steps running right from the warning notice on the steps.

Creative Commons License

Geograph Britain and Ireland, also has a slightly simplified site intended for use within Schools.