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Geograph is a concept and open source code for a online website to create a comprehensive collection of photographs capturing every part of given region.

Currently there are three active projects, shown below - including a photograph from each.

Geograph Britain and Ireland

Today's Photo of the day

NY2623 : River Greta in Keswick, 1963 by John Carter

Looking down the River Greta from the Station Road bridge (the "Silver Bridge") with the Youth Hostel on the left. The most obvious changes over 50+ years (see [[5250829]]) ; the demolition of the gas holders; the redevelopment of the old warehouse ...

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Geograph Germany

Today's Photo of the day

ULB6520 : Bonn - Poppelsdorfer Schloss by gps-for-five

Blick vom Schlossgarten, der zum Botanischen Garten gehört.

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Geograph Channel Islands

Random photo (doesn't have a daily photo)

WV5848 : St Brelade's Bay by Gerald England

The beach at St Brelade's Bay.

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Geograph Britain and Ireland, also has a slightly simplified site schools.geograph.org.uk intended for use within Schools.