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Geograph is a concept and open source code for a online website to create a comprehensive collection of photographs capturing every part of given region.

Currently there are three active projects, shown below - including a photograph from each.

Geograph Britain and Ireland

Today's Photo of the day

SJ2855 : Disused railway viaduct, Ffrith by Peter Craine

This is quite a substantial viaduct for the tiny valley it crosses.

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Geograph Germany

Today's Photo of the day

UPF7501 : Leuchtturm Bastorf by Knochen

Der Leuchtturm steht in der Mecklenburger Bucht bei Bastorf. Mit einer Turmhöhe von 20,8 Meter kommt er auf eine Feuerhöhe von 95,3 Meter (steht auf 78,8 m. über Normalnull). Damit trägt der Turm von 1878 das höchste Leuchtfeuer Deutschlands. ...

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Geograph Channel Islands

Random photo (doesn't have a daily photo)

WV6448 : King Street by Gerald England

Busy shopping street formerly La Rue de Derriere.

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Geograph Britain and Ireland, also has a slightly simplified site schools.geograph.org.uk intended for use within Schools.