Geograph Source Code SVN Repository

Download the Geograph Source Code - via Subversion

The SVN Repository lives at:, below are links to the most important part of the repositiory.

(Please contact us if you want your own branch, and/or write access to the repositiory.)

· Websites
The main website codebase - checkout this if you wish to start your own project. This will usually contain the most stable code. But its not kept very uptodate.
The Geograph British Isles branch. The developers might have developmental stuff, that only once stable is merged back into the trunk.
The Geograph Deutschland (Germany) branch.
The Geograph Channel Islands branch.

· Misc
Java based bulk uploader - read more
Customisation of Rivet Tracker - which we use to distribute torrents of images. Rather than setup your own tracker you are welcome to use ours for geograph related downloads - please contact us.
A basic PHP application, that serves as a lightweight REST API to a SphinxSearch instance
Perl based module for interacting with the Geograph API - also found on CPAN
Picasa button - for bulk uploading to Geograph.
Some sphinxsearch UDF's we've found useful for producing varied samples.

· Vendor
Read only copies of some third part repositories. specific versions are imported so we can track our own changes against them.

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